From the old to the new.

I started BOUWNT as a way to fund my racing habbit, which is why I went with that name. “BOUWNT” is the spelling of a sound that was made by a car while racing, so I figured it fit well. BOUWNT IT Consulting brings over 14 years of experience supporting hundreds of computer issues while focusing on innovative solutions and customer service that sets us apart from our competitors. Our goal is to provide you with reliable solutions and service that can help our customers lower their overall technology costs without any sacrifices.

BOUWNT provides a wide range of computer services targeted at small to medium sized businesses. From simple hardware and software installation to network design and administration. BOUWNT can help you determine your real needs and recommend a variety of solutions. BOUWNT offers monthly remote and on site maintenance plans as well as fixed and hourly rates for your project needs. This flexability allows you to chose how to best budget your technology costs.

I’m now a partner at Array Technology, our website is you can find out more there.

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